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  • The Real Journey
  •   - Total Hits: 133,533     Yesterday: 2     Today: 0
    A view of the life of a disciple in Southern California in 2007

  •   - Total Hits: 131,173     Yesterday: 22     Today: 0
    A Christian Bible Teaching Forum that allows people to grow in their knowledge of God's word & also allows others to come to know Jesus for the first time. The forums have Bible Chat, games & more.

  • Step By Step Through the Old Testament
  •   - Total Hits: 126,547     Yesterday: 20     Today: 0
    Step by Step through the Old Testament is geared toward heavy Bible Study. Most people who approach the Old Testament find it historical or boring. It's for the Jews, not for us as Christians. The ...
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  • Free Web Sites for Nazarene Churches
  •   - Total Hits: 124,222     Yesterday: 12     Today: 1
    Offering Free Web Sites to Nazarene Churches. Bringing Nazarenes together on the WWW.

  • Home Of The Real McCoy Poetry
  •   - Total Hits: 123,943     Yesterday: 2     Today: 0
    A Fundamental Baptist poetry website to encourage God's children to cling to the Lord Jesus Christ, and to find Refuge (in Him) in the Storms of Life.

  • Christian Pro-life Resources Philippines
  •   - Total Hits: 123,726     Yesterday: 8     Today: 2
    RESCUING THE UNBORN GENERATION: This is my Christian pro-life Blogger.Com blog that is relevant to the Philippines, seeking to share the burden to pray, speak up and act for the unborn generation t...

  • Trusting In The Word
  •   - Total Hits: 120,432     Yesterday: 12     Today: 1
    Sharing God's love and the promises of His Word through Scriptures, poetry, stories, writings, scripts, games, and e-cards.

  • Delmarva For Christ
  •   - Total Hits: 117,298     Yesterday: 3     Today: 0
    A Ministry to spread the word of Jesus Christ in Delmarva!

  • The Gaglio Zone
  •   - Total Hits: 116,458     Yesterday: 1     Today: 0
    Site intends to edify believers & evangelize non believers alike thru Basic christian doctrines. Faith in God, The holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, sin, salvation & forgiveness , heaven and hell.

  • St Thomas of Canterbury
  •   - Total Hits: 113,371     Yesterday: 40     Today: 1
    st thomas of canterbury, woodford green website

  • JoeyGowdy.com the Official Website
  •   - Total Hits: 113,159     Yesterday: 5     Today: 1
    JoeyGowdy.com - Are you Serving Jesus? Christian : Forums, News, Chat, Devotions, Music, Photos, Free KJV Bible,

  • End Times and Christ's Return
  •   - Total Hits: 110,972     Yesterday: 0     Today: 0
    Focusing on God's Word to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Looking into Bible Prophecy concerning Christ's return to Earth.

Showing sites 121 to 132 of 418.

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