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WELCOME TO THE home page of The Christian Counter. The Christian Counter is absolutely free for your use if you are a Christian based site. Sign-up is quick and easy. In less than five minutes you could have a hit counter on your web site, tracking your hits.

       However, you must agree with our terms and statement of beliefs before acceptance can be considered.

       The Christian Counter will keep track of every hit to your page. You can put the counter on as many pages as you like, and The Christian Counter will keep track of them all individually.

       All you have to add to your page is 4 lines of code. That's it! We will do the rest.

       The hit count displayed on your Christian Counter can represent your total site hits, a group of pages, or individual pages - it's your choice.

       The Christian Counter also automatically keeps track of all hits to your site regardless of page or group codes, and statistical information is available to you showing hits per day, hits by weekday, total hits overall or by group.

       You can check your updated statistics at any time with your username and password.

       Read the FAQ's first if you have any further questions about The Christian Counter program.

       Sign up now and as soon as we approve your site, we will e-mail you your code to get The Christian Counter on your site right away.