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  • Eagle's Wings Ministries
  •   - Total Hits: 278,471     Yesterday: 42     Today: 20
    An Independent, Fundamental Baptist site for solid KJV-based Bible studies and devotions to strengthen you in your Christian walk and in your service and devotion to the Lord.

  • WorldView3 Test Site
  •   - Total Hits: 278,317     Yesterday: 24     Today: 13
    An apologetics website, comparing the Biblical worldview to other worldviews.

  • Women of PASSIONS International Ministries
  •   - Total Hits: 262,876     Yesterday: 2     Today: 0
    Women ministering to women with emphasis on Godly living, marriage, family, ministry and missions.
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  • Bible Maps & Resources
  •   - Total Hits: 262,756     Yesterday: 56     Today: 23
    New maps for the Journeys of the Israelites when they left Egypt, including the latest archaeological reports that I could find to support the maps. The second section is the Journeys of Jesus with...

  • Grampa Jim's Kids Need Prayer
  •   - Total Hits: 260,487     Yesterday: 0     Today: 0
    This website is devoted to the prayer needs of children who have disease, illness, special needs, accident, etc. Please, come pray with us!

  • Fulfillment of Bible Prophecy in Today's News
  •   - Total Hits: 258,983     Yesterday: 11     Today: 5
    Jesus Christ is returning soon. God has known all future things from the beginning of creation. He has told us these things through His prophets. As the time for Jesus' return nears, these Bible pr...

  • Breath of Fresh Air Ministries
  •   - Total Hits: 254,752     Yesterday: 4     Today: 2
    Breath of Fresh Air is a ministry of love, grace and encouragement to Christian men and women.

  • Ways Of Life
  •   - Total Hits: 249,842     Yesterday: 67     Today: 49
    private ministry helping other small ministries, devotionals, testimonies, books, etc.

  • Don & Kathy's Place in Cyber Space
  •   - Total Hits: 243,733     Yesterday: 5     Today: 4
    This is the personal home page of Pastor Don and Kathy Schink with a links page leading to several ministry, sermon, Bible study and music links, as well as hobby, pet shelties and New Mexico scene...

  • Eagle Connection Design
  •   - Total Hits: 238,997     Yesterday: 11     Today: 8
    Designing Web Sites for Churches, Organizations and Personal.

  • Creation Facts & True Biblical Counselling
  •   - Total Hits: 238,799     Yesterday: 27     Today: 9
    A large site presenting creation evidence with another section on True Biblical Counselling (from the Bible only) in which we claim there is no such thing as mental illness. Also numerous essays on...

  • Sanctuary's Revelation Pages
  •   - Total Hits: 223,200     Yesterday: 7     Today: 2
    A Christian, Bible,prophecy,Revelation,revelation,revelations,Revelations,end times,tribulation,judgment,art,artwork,prophecy artwork,bible study,prophetic art,God,Jesus,Holy Spirt,Holy Ghost,desti...

Showing sites 85 to 96 of 354.

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