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  • Caleb's Country Corner Web Graphics
  •   - Total Hits: 1,542,364     Yesterday: 1     Today: 1
    Original, mouse-drawn, linkware graphics by Caleb's Mommy. Encouraging Christians to "let your light so shine before men"...on the WWW!

  • Christian Fellowship Devotionals
  •   - Total Hits: 1,437,356     Yesterday: 63     Today: 45
    Would you share your morning break with us? If your break comes later we'll be here too. If you're curious, confused, hurting or looking for a moment of peace in your daily ritual, come join us.Ove...

  • myfaith.com
  •   - Total Hits: 1,434,865     Yesterday: 1     Today: 0
    A Christian link mega-site providing links to discipleship resources and tools of all categories.
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  • Youth festival Medjugorje
  •   - Total Hits: 1,367,972     Yesterday: 82     Today: 79
    Pictures and songs of International youth festival in Medjugorje.

  • Bible Memory by MEMLOK
  •   - Total Hits: 1,363,895     Yesterday: 0     Today: 1
    FREE 40+ Memory Tips, 100 Descriptions of God. Keep review for ALL your verses to five minutes daily. 700 verses! 48 topics. Prints on business card stock in COLOR and coloring pages. Kids from 2-9...

  •   - Total Hits: 1,349,029     Yesterday: 66     Today: 72
    Promoting wholeness for body, soul and spirit through counseling and helpful Christian writings pertaining to real life issues, such as marriage, divorce, dating, addiction, suicidal, depression,...

  • Jake's Home Page
  •   - Total Hits: 1,241,227     Yesterday: 20     Today: 16
    My Christian site has lots of puzzles to print out or play online. New puzzle each month and holiday puzzles too. I love cats and have a Christian Cat page. I even have adoption pages too. Stop by ...

  • Come fly with me
  •   - Total Hits: 1,147,680     Yesterday: 2     Today: 1
    Fly into a world of butterflies leading you to poems, scriptures, inspirations, prayers, stories, quotations, and something for the whole family with a section devoted to domestic violence.

  • jonathanselby
  •   - Total Hits: 1,079,987     Yesterday: 12     Today: 10
    Radical Reformation Required!articles about the current state of the church and end time system plus Personal convictions/escatology

  • Lura's Bookcase
  •   - Total Hits: 1,069,995     Yesterday: 33     Today: 32
    Exploring the Gospel in plain talk. Sharing the Gospel of Jesus, the Anointed One, in everyday English. Seeking Him with commentaries, Bible studies, and humor. Finding Him in His word. We have art...

  • Knowledge House
  •   - Total Hits: 1,044,472     Yesterday: 86     Today: 46
    Family-friendly articles, mini unit studies, information, resources, publications, and links to promote learning at home.

  • The Prophetic Ministry of Stephen W. Morris
  •   - Total Hits: 1,035,402     Yesterday: 67     Today: 49
    Christian prophecy, writings, to mature the saints. Prophetic ministry-defends biblical doctrine, truth and practice from a prophetic perspective-refutes false teachings, practices by Bible reference

Showing sites 37 to 48 of 418.

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