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  • Rapture Prophecy
  •   - Total Hits: 424,808     Yesterday: 11     Today: 3
    The rapture is when all the believers in Jesus Christ,who have been born again,are taken up to heaven.

  • The LORD'S WORD online
  •   - Total Hits: 397,041     Yesterday: 56     Today: 47
    Fun pages, Christian stories, Bible verses, Inspirational, Stories from Christian for Christians, Prayers, Thoughts to meditate on,

  • Parbar Westward: A Bible-Teaching Ministry
  •   - Total Hits: 396,250     Yesterday: 5     Today: 4
    This site presents the mature, thoughtful Bible-teaching ministries of Jim Kerwin and Pastor Percy Gutteridge (i.e., P.H.P. Gutteridge) and other Christian teachers of like mind and heart.
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  • Welcome to Anne Murchison's Web Page
  •   - Total Hits: 393,104     Yesterday: 11     Today: 4
    A Christian website with Bible teachings, Sola scriptura, Sola Christus, Sola Gratia, Sola Fide, Soli Deo Gloria, great bookmarks

  • Linda's Words of Encouragement
  •   - Total Hits: 389,492     Yesterday: 5     Today: 3
    Linda's Words of Encouragement is the homepage of freelance writer Linda Hull, author of the Words of Encouragement e-zine.

  • Skeeter's Barefoot Maui Sandals
  •   - Total Hits: 389,422     Yesterday: 3     Today: 0
    Handmade crafts including, Barefoot Maui Sandals, Lucky Pennies, Floral Pens, Magic Wallets, Cool Ties and other hand made items.

  • Wilsonville United Methodist Church
  •   - Total Hits: 378,242     Yesterday: 1     Today: 3
    Wilsonville United Methodist Church of Wilsonville, Alabama invites everyone to visit our web site. Join us on our messageboard as we spread our Love For God.

  • Treasure Box Poetry And Praise
  •   - Total Hits: 363,297     Yesterday: 0     Today: 5
    Free poetry for church newsletters,bulletins,ladies themes,vbs,crafts,and personal evangelism. A place to do devotions and spend time with God. Free Graphics and Glitter. Lots of poetry for read...

  • Pastor
  •   - Total Hits: 353,175     Yesterday: 1     Today: 1
    Free Sermons By Email - Preserving the recorded messages of Vance Havner, Maze Jackson, Billy Kelly, R.G. Lee, Bob Jones Sr. Andrew Telford and Many, Many other great Preachers from the past Millen...

  • JesusLovesMeThisIKnow.Com
  •   - Total Hits: 340,085     Yesterday: 11     Today: 11
    Millionaire Virginia businessman shares his Biblical secrets of successs, and also shares his failures in the business world. Over two hundred and fifty pages written on this subject.

  • Pensée Chrétienne
  •   - Total Hits: 335,295     Yesterday: 48     Today: 34
    in french & in english : about God, Jesus Christ, faith, prayer, love, happiness, trust, Madagascar, etc.

  • Carolina Lands
  •   - Total Hits: 330,722     Yesterday: 2     Today: 0
    This site offers great opportunities for properties for sale in the Carolinas.

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